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BusBar Trunking System (BBT)

Busbar and Trunking Enclosure

We are providing best quality and custom made busbar which are made of copper or aluminum.

Our trunking enclosure also custom made depends on user requirement. To maintain safety and security we provide our effort to make this.

Tap-off Units

Tap-off units or tap-off boxes are used to connect the busbar trunking system to individual loads or distribution points. These units provide a convenient and flexible means of distributing power to specific areas or equipment within a building or facility. Tap-off units may include circuit protection devices such as circuit breakers or fuses to protect against over currents and short circuits.

Accessibility & Maintenance

This systems are designed for easy installation, maintenance, and expansion. Our modular design allows for quick assembly and disassembly of components that making it easier for installation and maintenances.