iG5A Drive


Powerful & compact sensorless vector control VFD

LS Starvert iG5A is very competitive in its price and its functional strength compared to iG5. User friendly interface, extended inverter ranges up to 7.5kW, superb torque competence and small size of iG5A provides an optimized user environment.


  • Selectable V/f, sensorless vector control
  • Motor parameter Auto-tuning
  • Powerful torque at overall speed range
  • 1 ~ 400Hz frequency output
  • -15% ~ +10% input voltage margin
  • Fault history: Last 5 faults
  • 0~10Vdc / -10 ~ +10Vdc analog input
  • IP20 enclosure, UL Type 1 (Option)
  • Selectable manual/automatic torque boost
  • Selectable PNP/NPN input signal
  • 2nd motor control and parameter setting
  • Built-in Dynamic braking transistor as standard
  • Enhanced process PID control
  • Built-in RS485 (LS Bus / Modbus RTU) communication
  • Cooling fan On/Off control & Easy change
  • Remote control using external keypad * RJ45 cable(Optional)
  • Upgraded functions:
    • Sleep & Wake-up (Energy savings)
    • KEB(Kinetic Energy Buffering) protection
    • Low leakage PWM algorism
  • Monitoring & commissioning PC based software tool (Drive View)

LS Starvert Frequency Drive / Inverter

Drive Dimensions