iV5 Drive

iV5 Drive

High duty full flux vector control VFD

LS Starvert iV5 series realizes the high precision vector control in entire operational area and its highly precise speed control guarantees superb control stability in the elevator controls.


Auto tuning

In the application which requires a high torque at low speed, the electrical parameters of motor should be properly set for an optimal operation. Auto tuning function of iV5 make users to set the motor variable accurately.

Various communication interface

iV5 provides various communication interface such as RS 485, DeviceNET, Profibus-DP and Modbus-RTU.

Extended function card (ENC_DIV,DIAO and ELIO)

Option card for the encoder pulse division (ENC_DIV) supports the encoder with open collector output and can divide the encoder pulse up to 1/128. Digital input and Analog signal output card (DIAO) can receive the binary speed command from PLC or other upper level controller and has 4 channels of analog signal output.

ELIO card enables the lift application software to be available for an optimized lift operation.

LS Starvert Frequency Drive / Inverter

Drive Dimensions