Our Services

SEL marketing department is the core department of this organization performing appreciable step to
acquire customer satisfaction by providing high quality products, prompt service support through an ideal
business relationship and the business motto is “Always with our Customer”
Marketing department always trying to explore our business sector and deals with some world class brand
(Like; LS Electric, Autonics, ABB, Iskra) for Electrical Low Voltage & Automation Products as well as
manufacturing Electrical Sub-Station, Transformer & Switchgear.
A group of employees working in marketing department for branding, sales, Installation Trouble Shooting &
Commissioning in different industrial sector of Bangladesh.
 Scope of Work/Service:

1. Component Marketing & Sales:
Brand: (LS Electric-Korea): VCB, ACB, MCCB, MCB, RCCB, ELCB, MPCB, Magnetic Contactor, Thermal & Electronic
Overload Relay, DOL/Magnetic Starter, Inverter/VFD, PLC, HMI, Servo Drive & Motor, CRT/Dry Type Transformer.
Brand: (ABB-Italy/Germany): VCB, ACB, MCCB MCB, UPS, LPS & VFD/Inverter.
Brand: (Autonics-Korea): Sensor & Controllers- Proximity Sensor, Photo Sensor, Temperature Controller, Rotary
Encoder, Panel Meter, Power Supply, Door Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Counter & Timer, SSR, Area
Sensor, Fiber Sensor, PT-100 etc.
Brand: (Iskra-Slovenia): Power Capacitor, Filter Reactor, Power Factor Meter, Capacitor Switching Contactor 7 Energy
2. Project Marketing & Sales: Sub-Station(33/11/0.415KV) up to 20/28MVA, RMU/HT/LT-Switchgear,
MDB, DB SDB, MCC Panel, Auto-Manual Changeover Panel, PFI Plant, Star-Delta Panel etc.
Machine Automation.
3. Project Service & Installation:
After sales Service (Project & component), Installation & Commissioning of new project supply (Sub-Station &
Automation), Trouble shooting of existing project, Power Quality Analysis, Testing Support of Transformer, Sub-
Station and its equipment.
4. Automation Works: SEL is a well-known pioneer organization for Machine or System Automation
works in different industrial sector (like; Textile Ind. Pharmaceutical Ind. Cement Ind. Packing Ind.
Plastic industries etc.) it has dedicated & highly qualified group of Engineers involved only with
automation works as well as research & development to build an more easier, Trouble free &
economic Automation System in industries.

 Work Experience:
(A) Govt. project Work (Short Listed):
1. Bangladesh Ordnance Factory (BOF)-Gazipur [5MVA, 33/11KV-SubStation].
2. Bangladesh Diesel Plant Limited. – Gazipur. [4MVA, 33/11KV-Sub-Station].
3. Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd.-Gazipur. [630KVA, 11/0.415KV Transformer].
4. Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB)-Dhaka. [LT-Switchgear Panel].
5. Jessore Airport [11/0.415KV, 2x630KVA Sub-Station].
6. Bangladesh Cable Shilpa Limited-Khulna. [Automation Project].
7. Essential Drugs Limited-Dhaka. [HT/LT-Switchgear].
8. Bangladesh Milk Producer’s Co-Operative Union Ltd. (Milk Vita)-Dhaka. [11/0.415, 1000KVA Sub-
9. Bangladesh Milk Producer’s Co-Operative Union Ltd. (Milk Vita)-Sirajganj. [11/0.415, 1000KVA Sub-

10. Bangladesh Gas Filled Company Limited. – Bramhanbaria. [11/0.415KV, 500KVA & 315KVA, Sub-
(B) Non-Govt. Project Work (Short Listed):
1. Bashundahara Group [(33/11KV, 2x 10/14MVA, & 2x 5MVA), (11/0.415KV, 8x2500KVA, 3x2000KVA,
3000KVA, 2000KVA, 1250KVA, 33/0.415KV-2x5MVA, 2x2MVA Sub-Station]
2. SQUARE Textile Limited. [11/0.415KV-3000KVA & 2000KVA- Transformer]
3. SK+F Pharmaceuticals Limited. [11/0.415KV, 2x1500KVA & 2000KVA Sub-Station].
4. Opsonin Pharma. [33/11KV-2×20/28MVA, 11/0.415KV-8x4000KVA (CRT), 3x5000KVA(CRT),
3x3000KVA (CRT), 2x2500KVA(CRT), 2x2000KVA(CRT)- Sub-Station].
5. NASSA Group. [11/0.415KV, 1500KVA, 800KVA, 630KVA, 1000KVA-Sub-Station]
6. ACS Textile [11/0.415KV, 1000KVA- Sub Station].
7. RENATA Limited. [11/0.415KV-2500KVA -Sub Station].
8. Shah Cement Industries Ltd. [6.6/0.415KV, 3000KVA -Transformer].
9. Novartis Bangladesh Ltd. [11/0.415KV, 2000KVA-Transformer].
10. ACI Limited. [11/0.415KV-2500KVA & 150KVA- Sub Station].
11. GPH Ispat Limited. [11/0.415KV-1000KVA, 30, 10, 5KVA-415/415KV -Transformer].
12. Abul Khair Steel Mills Ltd. [11/0.415KV-4500KVA Transformer].
13. Impress Newtex Composite Textile Ltd. [11/0.415KV-1250KVA Sub-Station].
14. Splash Works Water Park Ltd. [11/0.415KV- 630KVA-Sub Station].
15. Fuli Industrial Limited-DEPZ. [11/0.415KV, 750KVA-Transformer].
16. Youngone CEPZ Limited. [11/0.415KV-1600KVA (CRT)- Sub Station].
17. YOUNGONE Group-Korean EPZ. [11/0.415KV- 5x2500KVA(CRT), 1250KVA(CRT), 2x1000KVA(CRT),
18. S.S Printing Limited. [11/0.415KV-1250KVA Sub-Station].
19. Bashundhara Kuti Bari. [11/0.415KV, 2x500KVA Sub-Station].
20. SIEMENS Industrial Limited. [11/0.415KV, 1000KVA- Transformer].
21. Subornogram Resort & Amusement Park Ltd. [11/0.415KV-2000KVA Sub-Station].
22. Universe Synthetic Fiber Ltd. [11/0.415KV, 3750KVA-Transformer].
23. HAMS Garments Ltd. [11/0.415KV, 3150KVA Sub-Station].
24. MARICO Bangladesh Limited. [11/0.415KV, 1500KVA -Sub-Station].
25. Aijah Consumer Food & Beverage. [11/0.415KV, 500KVA Sub-Station].
 On Going Project:

1. Coca Cola Bangladesh Beverages Ltd. [33/11KV-10/12.5MVA, 11/0.415KV-2.5MVA-Sub Station].
2. Bashundhara Group [11/0.415KV-3x4MVA, 3150KVA, 2500KVA- Sub Station].
3. ML Thread & Accessories Ltd. [11/0.415KV-750KVA-Sub Station].
4. S. Alam Bhaban [11/0.415KV, 500KVA-Sub Station].
5. Confidence Sea Resource Limited. [33/11KV-7.5MVA- Sub Station].
6. SIEMENS Bangladesh Limited. [11/0.415KV-1250KVA-Transformer].


SEL has a leading role in Automation sector in industries where use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services. In the scope of industrialization, automation is a step beyond mechanization. Whereas mechanization provided human operators with machinery to assist with the muscular requirements of work, we greatly decrease the need for human sensory and mental requirements as well. Industrial IT is being done through SCADA implementation.

SEL has his own maintenance department; a group of expert technician is working for maintenance and repairing purpose. Our service center is located at corporate office and we also offer-service to Factory level in case of emergency.

System Engineering Ltd. has their own workshop which is fully equipped with m equipment along with skill technicians. Four deferent sections, i.e.  Transformer, Panel board, Cal tray & general Mechanical works being established over there. Our products Transformer, PFI, MDB, SDB & mechanical works like conveyor belt, ATP, hopper etc. On the hand we also prepare some machines and supply to different factories like Positive Dry 0 Negative Plate Drier, Curing Chamber, Group Building, & Serial Punch Machine for Battery Factories.

SEL Established market development aims and targets. Identify target mark niches. Assess existing sales organization and develop it as necessary. Design re processes and establish or provide required capabilities. Design and provide required measurement and reporting systems. Implement sales development activity through coaching, training, meetings, executive endorsement, etc. Follow-up the required, review, monitor, seek customer and prospect feedback (successful and report on performance. Make changes and improvements and continue your appropriate stage.

A team is being working under direct control of company Chairman to support the total company of its marketing, project, customer service, HR, Training, commercial and maintaining finance.

SEL maintain a system that provides information needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. SEL Management information systems involve three primary resources: technology, information, and people. MIS department is also ensures the overall industrial IT related supports for the company. This department manages a smooth operation of software’s, hardware trouble shooting and business databases related to sales, marketing and inventory.

SEL has started to impart training to their customers mainly on PLC with a minimum Course fees. The training has divided in two parts. 1st Basic Course, 2nd advance Course. After qualifying basic course participants will move to advance course.

Training takes place both theoretical 25% and practical 75% at SEL own training room. A total 13 classes for Basic Course & 15 classes for advance course. Date and time being fixed in consultation with participants.

Our services

Engineering services

  • Automation
  • Electrical Panels
  • Energy Management
  • Lighting Control
  • Sub Station

Industrial Engineering Services

  • Cryogenic Tank Installation
  • Piping & Tubing works
  • Insulation
  • Electrical Installation
  • Instrumentation
  • Mechanical & Electrical Plant Erection
  • Machine Automation by PLC
  • Man / machine interfacing by SCADA
  • LT / HT panel fabrication
  • Transformer Manufacturing & Repairing

Sales and marketing

  • LS Inverter – Korea
  • LS PLC – Korea
  • LS LV / MV / HV Electrical Product – Korea
  • LS BBT – Korea
  • Autonics – Senor & Controller – Korea
  • ABB Inverter – Finland / ABB Make
  • ABB Soft Starter – Finland / ABB Maket
  • Industrial Plant & Machineries
  • Instrument of different Brands
  • LT / HT Switch Gear
  • PFI Panel

System Automation by PLC

  • Traffic Controls
  • Boiler Control Panel
  • Water pumps & distribution systems
  • Generator controls
  • Packaging Industry
  • Textile Mills
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cement Mill
  • Paper & Pulp Mills
  • Plastic Industries
  • Jute Mills